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Mentorship & Coaching

We mentor and coach your staff; helping companies establish organizational and corporate protocols. We assist in creating and organizing vital documents VC’s look for when auditing company finances and compliance.

Capital Deployment

We invest in young start-ups to help them scale up their business models and reinforce staffing teams. Crucial stages of funding help buffer restructuring and legal costs before proper fundraising and growth stages can be realized.

Advisory & Investors

Gullít advisory committee provides investment, legal and strategy consulting while companies raise capital and engage VC’s.

NOT ONLY A Venture Fund

What we do

Emerging Markets

We pioneer emerging markets, investing early in developing economies across the African continent.

early stage tech

With a focus on African tech startups, Gullít gets involved early to mitigate risk and help establish corporate guidance.


Gullít enlists experienced legal & finance teams to consult on company restructuring needs and compliance.

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Gebeya Inc. is the premiere Pan-African online Talent Marketplace company based in Senegal, Ethiopia, Kenya and the USA. The company aims to become an active contributor to Africa’s digital transformation and build a booming Africa through leveraging continental and global job opportunities for African talent.


BuuPass is a digital marketplace for urban travelers based in Kenya and Uganda. The company aggregates tickets from a variety of different operators and indexes them, putting the best rates at travelers’ fingertips. BuuPass is digitizing the transport industry from the grassroots by bridging the gap between the transport operators and 500M+ mobile phone users in Sub Saharan Africa.

Wella Health

Wella Health is a healthcare technology company based in Nigeria. The company has developed a digital triage chatbot that helps pharmacies engage with their clients for follow ups by public health as necessary. WellaHealth also provides access to quality health service for lower and middle class Nigerians through micro insurance plans that start at just less than a dollar per month. 

Qene Games

Qene Games is an award-winning mobile game studio based in Ethiopia and the USA. The company builds visually rich and engaging African themed mobile games the world can enjoy, share and love. Qene strives to set high standards as it pioneers into the uncharted gaming industry of Africa. 

Our Team

Hiruy Amanuel 

Managing Director

Kenean Negussie

Operations Manager

Michael Omugah

Finance Manager

Feven Solomon

Office Manager

Sarafina Nyawira

Media Manager

Jason Jones

Web Master

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