African Gamers are leveling up with the Adoption of Live Streaming

More recently, many game studios are embracing the idea of ownership, enabling players to possess and trade in-game characters and creating games that reflect African cultural heritage.

One such example is Qene Games, a pioneering game studio that aims to transform Africa’s gaming landscape with award-winning titles such as Kukulu and Gebeta. Kukulu won the 2018 AppsAfrica award for Best Media & Entertainment App, while Gebeta won the prestigious Best App of the Year award in 2020.

“Live-streaming is the future of gaming, and we want to ensure that African gamers are not left behind,” said Dawit. ” With Kinet Live, we are creating a level playing field where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. And it’s not just limited to pro gamers – anyone with a passion for live streaming can now take advantage of Kinet and earn money by streaming their gameplay.”

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