The local transport industry in Kenya is quite vibrant. Key stakeholders in the industry have embraced modern technology, e.g. the Easy Coach online booking process. Before the introduction of online bus booking, one had to visit offices in person to book a seat and pay the required fare. Today, travellers can secure their seats and pay for them without much strain.

The Buupass online booking system has made it easy for travellers to book seats in buses and matatus. Buupass has collaborated with various bus operators, including 2NK Sacco, Modern Coast, Prestige, and Climax Coaches. Through this platform, the Easy Coach online booking process has become a breeze for travellers. You can also book a seat on the Easy Coach app.

Did you know you do not have to create an account or signup for anything to book an Easy Coach bus on Buupass? All you have to do is visit the Buupass website, check for seat availability, and book your seat.

You can also book your seat using the Easy Coach online booking app available on the app or play store on your smartphone. Note that the app requires an account. To register for one, download the app, then click register. Follow the prompts.

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