In a bid to expand market access by boosting cross-border trade between Europe and Africa, Logidoo, a pan-African logistics company has announced the launch of a new logistics corridor, set to begin its operations in June 2024.

In collaboration with Skynet for domestic operations and IRsalkom for cross-border operations, this initiative aims to ensure a seamless logistics experience for businesses and strengthen economic growth as well as market expansion for African businesses following the objectives of the African Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA).

Logidoo’s introduction of the corridor will significantly enhance intra-African trade volumes, simplify logistics across borders, improve trade with European markets, and open new avenues for African products. Also, by enhancing logistics and trade facilitation, this corridor is expected to drive economic growth, increase trade volumes, and contribute to the realization of AfCFTA’s goals.

This initiative underscores Logidoo’s commitment to transforming the logistics landscape in Africa and making intra-African trade more efficient and viable. In terms of benefits, Logidoo’s enhanced operations are set to benefit several African countries, particularly those where Logidoo has an established presence, such as Senegal, Morocco, Ivory Coast, and Tunisia. These nations and their neighboring countries stand to gain significantly from improved logistics and expanded trade opportunities.

Since its launch, by offering innovative cross-border logistics solutions, Logidoo has played a crucial role in fostering business growth and has gained significant traction in the e-commerce and logistics sector. Their approach has enabled businesses to reach new markets more efficiently, overcoming traditional barriers to trade and logistics. Another apparent aspect of what sets Logidoo apart in the competitive logistics market is its commitment to innovation and its vision to transform the logistics landscape in Africa. Logidoo’s focus on overcoming the challenges of low intra-African trade levels is central to its mission. By fostering easier and more efficient cross-border logistics, Logidoo supports the broader objectives of the AfCFTA, aiming to bring Africa closer to achieving economic integration comparable to regions like Asia and the European Union.

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