While experts credit the global economic downturn for the massive layoffs actions, it does stir up other mind-blogging concerns. Are skills no longer sufficient to hold one’s job, or is there a global dearth of required skills? Are young talents not living up to expectations? Whatever may be the case, one thing is certain, HR professionals have a lot of work to do.

As 2022 wrapped up, HR experts were confronted with making decisions that will likely shape the retention of talents as they continue to manage investments in people and technology while creating a positive culture for employees. We sample the thoughts of top human resource managers, Heads of People and Culture, Chiefs of Staff, C-Suite Executives and CEOs on HR trends industry leaders need to watch out for in 2023.

Content retrieved from: https://venturesafrica.com/emerging-hr-trends-to-watch-out-for-in-2023-and-beyond/.


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