WellaHealth, a health technology providing access to quality and affordable healthcare to Nigerians has partnered Verve to provide access to quality and affordable healthcare services to Verve cardholders.

Marketing and Communications Lead, Joseph Okoroafor, WellaHealth Technologies in a statement issued yesterday said  the partnership was part of the strategy employed by WellaHealth to get more Nigerians covered and reduce out-of-pocket payment for healthcare expenses.

He  said: “Today, only three percent  of Nigerians are covered by any formal health plan in the country meaning that more Nigerians, over 97 percent, pay from their pocket for health services that could hitherto be covered by a health scheme like WellaHealth’s and save them from unplanned health expenditure.”

Joseph explained  that throughout the lifespan of the health technology startup, WellaHealth continues to provide quality health service by using community pharmacies and alternative care pathways as envisioned by the company’s CEO, Dr. Ikpeme Neto.

Content retrieved from: https://www.thisdaylive.com/index.php/2022/11/24/verve-partners-wellahealth-to-offer-free-health-benefits-cardholders/.


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