Healthtech startup Wellahealth Technologies Limited and diagnostics startup MDaaS Global, both backed by Techstars, have partnered to provide affordable diagnostic services and treatments to healthcare consumers and insurers across Nigeria. Wellahealth offers affordable cover for common health care conditions, such as malaria, typhoid, and viral illnesses, via a network of pharmacies, while MDaaS Global builds and operates modern, technology-enabled diagnostic centers in clinically-underserved communities.

This partnership enables the general public and health insurers to access an integrated, quality-assured service that provides lab testing and medications rapidly and efficiently across over 2,000 locations in every state in Nigeria.

Speaking on the partnership, the CEO of Wellahealth Technologies, Dr Ikpeme Neto, said,
“This partnership between our companies heralds a new era in technology-enabled, high-quality patient care in Nigeria. Leveraging both companies’ commitment to affordability and innovation, insurers, the general public, and other businesses can now access lab tests and medications from thousands of locations on both our networks. Our combined experience of managing hundreds of thousands of patients across every state allows us to meet the basic lab testing and medication needs of millions of Nigerians.”

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