The newly established Gebeya Media Productions has produced an advertising campaign for Ethiopian Airlines’ new app —called the Ethiopian Mobile App— emphasizing the mobile app’s convenience and ease of use for passengers.

Gebeya Media provides a myriad of different media services, including short film production, branding campaigns, graphic design, photography, and a host of other media-related products. The emerging media company has already produced a commercial for Ethiopian Airlines which is the first ad made for the campaign in 2018. With its new marketing campaign for Ethiopian Airlines, “Gebeya Media looks to establish a more widespread, international reputation as a production company capable of executing effective marketing campaigns to connect international companies with the local demographics.” said Gebeya Media Co-founder Hiruy Amanuel

The media company’s parent corporation, Gebeya, Inc., is already one of the premiere Ed-tech companies in Africa, with an online marketplace for African IT professionals to showcase their talent. The media arm offshoot is the parent company’s first start-up investment since 2016. “Although we launched offering graphic design and branding services, Gebeya Media is currently developing its animation studio with plans to release its first animated series in early 2020,” said Gebeya Media Co-founder and Multimedia Manager, Bereket Taffese.

(From left to right- Amadou Daffe Ceo & Cofounder Gebeya Inc, Tewolde Gebremariam Ceo Ethiopian Airlines , Hiruy Amanuel Cofounder Gebeya Inc & Gebeya Media, Miretab Tekalye Director of Digital Ethiopian Airlines)

Ethiopian Airlines, which has operated continuously for more than 70 years, has recently focused on enhancing its digital communications offerings. The airline’s CEO, Tewolde GebreMariam, has concentrated on updating the company’s technology solutions, and notes that online platforms and immediate accessibly are crucial to creating a personalized, end-to-end customer experience. Furthermore, as the CEO notes in an interview, the app will allow its customers to obtain a visa in four hours, from anywhere in the world. The company is also using the app to promote an Addis Ababa city tour, which will allow passengers in transit to arrange a six-to-eight-hour tour of popular sites. Gebeya Inc. actively trains and consults Ethiopian Airlines digital staff while Gebeya Media constantly works with the marketing and digital departments to promote mobile engagement using original and unique branding campaigns. At launch, Ethiopian Airlines offered 30% off bookings using the app to run concurrently with the campaign and witnessed 100k downloads within the first 6 months of release said “Miretab Tekalye”  Director of Digital, Ethiopian Airlines….

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