Change Com invests in BuuPass

Change Com has recently made an investment in BuuPass, a Kenyan startup that has the ambition to build the digital infrastructure for transport in Africa.

Annually, people in Africa spend 60 billion dollars on domestic transport. However, domestic travel and transportation is undigitized and broken. Bus and shuttle operators have manual operations that cause cash leaks and poor business data. Travelers waste time and money when booking tickets. To do something about this, BuuPass has developed a B2B2C digital marketplace that offers transport operators (bus, train, airline) digitized local sales through POS, transparent reporting of sales data for better business decisions and real-time sales on various online and offline channels. Travelers can search, compare and book their tickets and pay with cashless methods such as MPesa.

BuuPass was founded in 2015 by Sonia Kabra and Wyclife Omondi. Sonia has experience in technology and entrepreneurship research and first-hand experience in the transport sectors in Asia and Africa. She has a bachelor’s degree in biology/chemistry from Earlham College in the US and certificates in fundamental entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School and a startup finance program at Cambridge Judge Business School. Wyclife worked earlier as a transport consultant for the World Bank with focus on African and Latin American markets. He is a Kenyan national with first-hand experience in the transport market and holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Earlham College in the US.

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