The application launched in May 2021 seeks to ease peoples’ every-day life by bringing money transfer, utility payments as well as booking and ticketing to the tip of the finger.

Only two years young, Telebirr has scored over 358 million transaction counts with a transaction value of 746 billion Ethiopian Birr. And about 2.4 Million dollars were remitted via this platform internationally from 44 countries in those two years of success.

Telebirr’s uncollateralized loan plan is a breakthrough in the Ethiopian financial industry as it provides microcredit services especially to those who can’t afford bank services to start or expand their businesses like the youth, women and others.

The app has demonstrated that digital technology can narrow financial exclusion by opening up new pathways for financial access even in the most remote parts of a developing country.

Following the successful campaign and launch of the Tele Birr Super App, G Media has continued to work closely with Ethio Telecom to build exciting and engaging content to drive and increase user engagement on Ethio Telecom’s social media pages.

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