Traditional business intelligence has been based on retrieving data and feedback that affects daily business operations through passive methods or unsolicited feedback. Operational Business Intelligence (OBI) is a more active process that involves examining and evaluating a business’s typical processes in order to obtain data that helps with making timely tactical decisions. In rapidly changing technology industries, OBI provides methods for quick and efficient reactions to dynamic systems. In this article, Hiruy Amanuel and Feleg Tsegaye discuss OBI and how it can benefit your tech business.

OBI Reveals Fresh Insights

Comprehensive customer data compiled in real-time provides immediate insights into a wide variety of customer preferences and product usefulness. OBI methods also provide fast feedback regarding marketing strategies and sales techniques. Small adjustments to different product and marketing variables can be evaluated quickly, and results measured for specific variables.

How OBI Helps Power Deliver Addis’ On-demand Services in Ethiopia

The world of on-demand revolves around planning for the unexpected, and in markets like Ethiopia, Deliver Addis leverages OBI extensively to help predict, plan, and allocate resources in real-time. “We leverage a great deal of information including real-time traffic on our platform to predict upcoming order volumes, and historical trends in orders from each of our vendors to allocate drivers across the city and assist in forecasting staffing,” said Feleg Tsegaye, Founder and CEO of Deliver Addis. The data collected throughout Deliver Addis’ operations can then be leveraged to help optimize routes and save fuel, as well as assist restaurants in buying the right amount of stock to ensure they don’t run out when customers are at their hungriest.

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