Planning for a trip can be a tedious and costly affair. Growing up in rural Kenya, Wyclife Omondi had to visit physical bus and train stations to book travel tickets.

The stations being far from his home, he was often forced to spend precious time and money on bus fares just to secure the all-important pass to far-away destinations.

It was an unpleasant experience that inspired him to start BuuPass, an online ticketing platform that is today easing travel for millions of Kenyans every year.

BuuPass, founded in 2016, enables travellers to book their intercity bus, train, and flight tickets at the click of a button.

“We started the company to solve challenges in Africa’s intercity transportation. On one hand, most transport service providers do not have the infrastructure to go digital, relying on pen and paper to manage their operations.”

“On the other hand, travellers waste time and money because they don’t have a platform to compare and book their tickets. BuuPass is an end-to-end solution that solves the needs of both,” the former World Bank transportation consultant tells the Enterprise.

To make the project a success, Mr Omondi partnered with his co-founder and director Sonia Kabra to build the platform.

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