Gebeya Inc., the leading Talent Cloud technology company, has joined with Microsoft to launch the Microsoft Talent Cloud powered by Gebeya. The gateway, which is now open for access, aims to empower 300,000 African tech talents over the next 3 years with Microsoft-focused cloud and AI skills, providing them with valuable learning resources and opportunities across Microsoft’s ecosystem of more than 30,000 partners, and customers.

“With a burgeoning population of tech-savvy youth, Africa could become the next global hub of digital innovation. Tech communities are flourishing, driving progress across all aspects of society, and attracting investment. However, to ensure local talent continues to thrive, we must first address major stumbling blocks, including limited access to skilling and employment opportunities within global tech firms. Microsoft is proud to work alongside Gebeya to help address these challenges and create much-needed opportunities for Africa’s young talent,” commented Gerald Maithya, General Manager, Microsoft Africa Transformation Office.

Since the announcement of the new partnership in December 2023, more than 10,000 developers from across the continent have signed up to the platform. “The momentum has been built. We’ve seen how the most disruptive innovations shaping the future of our planet have been in AI and machine learning. It is no coincidence that Microsoft soared to the top as the most valuable company after it acquired OpenAI… These technologies significantly alter how consumers, industries, or businesses operate globally. Africa must remain relevant and be fully part of this revolution. The Microsoft Talent Cloud powered by Gebeya is one of the several ways to galvanize Africa’s young population to seize these next-generation opportunities. Whether pursuing entrepreneurial ambitions or contributing to enterprises, our platform readies African talent for leadership in AI progress,” said Amadou Daffe, Co-Founder & CEO of Gebeya.

The Microsoft Talent Cloud powered by Gebeya is a central platform where Microsoft distributors, partners, and customers can find the businesses and professionals they need to further their digital transformation ambitions. At the same time, talent looking to secure opportunities within the Microsoft ecosystem will now have a single platform from which they can acquire the latest Microsoft skills like Copilot and Fabric, find Microsoft-related jobs and gigs, access Microsoft-related business opportunities, and engage with a community of like-minded professionals. Through training content like Microsoft Learn, members will be upskilled in line with Microsoft’s industry-leading standards on topics such as Azure, AI, and cloud infrastructure management. The Talent Cloud will then match skilled individuals to partners in need of those key competencies.

Starting this week, the platform will provide access to webinars, workshops, and conferences led by Microsoft industry leaders, offering real-time updates and insights to help developers stay ahead of the curve in Microsoft technologies. Members will also have access to $200 worth of Azure Credits, enabling them to explore cutting-edge and monetizable Azure skills that are useful for SMEs, entrepreneurs, and corporate and freelance use. By enabling talents to subscribe to the annual $99 membership fee through their preferred local payment methods, the platform also addresses one of the most significant barriers to digital learning and certifications in Africa, ensuring equitable opportunities for skills development and career advancement across the continent.

The official launch comes just one week after Gebeya announced its strategic repositioning into a Talent Cloud solutions provider. Its Gebeya Talent Cloud (G-TC) technology consists of an AI-powered and configurable SaaS platform tailored to organizations’ unique needs. Since the startup’s inception in 2017, Gebeya has built a strong reputation as a driving force of opportunity-creation for Africans across the more than 30 African countries in which it operates. Gebeya first made a name for itself in the software developer EdTech space, thereafter evolving into a trusted SaaS-enabled Talent Marketplace connecting Africans to jobs globally, and over time, driving strategic collaborations with some of the world’s foremost Fortune 500s. Its journey paved the way for this latest milestone partnership with Microsoft – seeing Gebeya well-positioned to achieve its goal of helping redefine Africa’s participation in the new digital economy.

In early 2024, Gebeya also entered into a partnership with global online learning powerhouse O’Reilly, a leading source of insight-driven learning on technology and business and trusted by more than 2.8 million users. Microsoft Talent Cloud members will have access to O’Reilly’s library of over 5000 expert-developed and on-demand courses – with content from some of the biggest publishers in the world, such as Harvard Business Review, Pearson, Wiley, and more. Through the Microsoft Talent Cloud platform, members will also have access to curated O’Reilly learning paths aligned with Microsoft courses, industry-recognized O’Reilly badges certifying Azure competencies, more than 160 Azure labs, unlimited sandbox environments, specialized Azure courses, and practice exams – all preparing them to meet Microsoft ecosystem needs.

About Gebeya

Gebeya is a leading Talent Cloud technology company that specializes in Saas-enabled custom talent cloud innovation. Focused on opportunity creation, Gebeya is skyrocketing Africa’s potential and global competitiveness with its revolutionary Gebeya Talent Cloud (G-TC).

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