Gebeya an Ethiopian startup that provides online IT training for individuals, qualified professionals and institutions has now launched in Kenya. Gebeya, an Amharic word for market provides a workplace for top IT talent to showcase and contribute their experience and skills to software projects.

With an aim to produce African IT talent and provide an online IT services workplace for the global business market, Gebaya ensures that IT professionals are skilled and ready to tackle the market. Co-founders Amadou Dafee from Senegal and Hiruy Amanuel from Ethiopia believe that the high internet penetration in Kenya requires extensively skilled IT professionals. The Gebeya team is made up of committed web developers, programmers, technical supervisors and a lot more from across Africa.

According to Disrupt Africa Amadou Daffe, CEO and co-founder said “ “Kenya has the highest level of internet penetration and is home to a lot of multinationals and Fortune 500 companies that will accelerate customer acquisition. Kenya’s technology industry is nearing maturity; with a current population of 47 million, internet penetration stands at 52.3 per cent, placing it in the lead board in Africa. This has increased the use of technology to foster growth and efficiency – which has, in turn, led to increased demand for highly skilled professionals in the IT sector.”

Gebeya is looking to equip programmers and developers with the relevant skills they acquire to complete tasks efficiently. For businesses Gebeya ensures that employers hire on-demand highly trained and certified IT professionals at an affordable price.The IT professionals go through an intensive 6 months hands-on practical training model that produces high quality IT professionals.

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