Edtech startup Gebeya is playing a key role in the development of Ethiopia’s technology sector. Tom Collins talks to CEO Amadou Daffe and director of operations Bekure Tamirat about the company’s training model and its ambitious plans for expansion.

For two years, a quiet technological revolution has been underway in a busy second-floor office block in the heart of Ethiopia’s rapidly developing capital Addis Ababa.

This revolution has seen homegrown Ethiopian software developers outsourced to companies ranging from startups in New York to French multinationals in Senegal – not to mention flagship Ethiopian businesses just around the corner.

Gebeya – meaning “marketplace” in Amharic – believes it can supply Africa’s IT industry with the talent it needs to become a global digital leader.

CEO Amadou Daffe is steadfast in his commitment to Africa’s tech revolution and has implemented a business model to follow suit.

With 400 developers already on the books, his aims are clear: “Gebeya should resonate in the next five years as the best company to get tech talent from in Africa.”….

Content retrieved from: https://african.business/2019/03/economy/gebeya-talent-to-build-africas-it-industry.


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