Artificial intelligence (AI) and the adaptability of machines to simulate human cognition is the future of tech and an ever-present aspect of the digital revolution. In Africa, the revolution is certainly spreading. With mobile technology flourishing in the African continent, the next feasible movement seems to be in the direction of artificial intelligence. Here, Hiruy Amanuel, co-founder of Gebeya Inc. and an Angel Investor in Eastern Africa, explains the future of AI in Africa.

The development of AI is seeing growth in Africa, but the usage of AI is also happening at a slower pace in developing countries when compared to already developed countries. In Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Ethiopia, the big investors, like Google are trying to pave the way for data mapping, data privacy and governance.

AI’s utilization of algorithms helps it discover patterns and thereby generate insight into human predictability. In order to gather the data needed to garner such insight, a vast amount of data needs to be collected and categorized accordingly. In Africa, there is a slight data challenge present, but with the overwhelming availability of mobile phones, it is a problem that is being rapidly overcome.

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