Kukulu, as you may or may not know signifies a name given to chickens in Ethiopia. Little wonder this Ethiopian startup, named its 3D mobile runner game ‘Kukulu.’ The game originated from Akukulu Alnegam, a traditional sport in Ethiopia.

In a conversation with WeeTracker, Dawit Abraham, Samrawit Demeke, and Henok Teklu, the creators of Kukulu talked about the opportunities in the gaming industry in Africa.

They explained that Africa is pretty underrepresented in the gaming industry. Adding that it is an opportunity for creative heads to develop content, African audience can consume. The team further added that Kukulu is unique in the sense that it’s a premium quality game that has a uniquely African design. This is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what Africa can contribute in terms of Art, design, and creativity.

The gameplay also has unique features that you don’t find commonly in other games of the same genre. Despite being an arcade infinite runner game, it has a storyline that captures and keeps the user immersed in the Kukulu magical world. There are many powerups and gameplay mechanics that you master as you progress in the game.

The gaming startup also added that their audience is Africa, and more and more Africans are proud and encouraged seeing such kind of content from Africa. However, the game is designed to cater to an international audience. Kukulu is a fun, challenging and exciting magical adventure game. The trio claim that currently, the game has over 4,000 downloads on the Android PlayStore, and will be released on iOS store very soon…

Content retrieved from: https://weetracker.com/2018/09/11/kukulu-bridging-the-gap-in-the-african-gaming-industry/#:~:text=Kukulu%20is%20a%20product%20of,built%20and%20published%20in%20Africa..


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