Nigerian e-health startup WellaHealth has signed a partnership with pharmacy chain Advantage Health Africa to roll out the startup’s rapid malaria diagnostic solution across 700 community pharmacies in Nigeria.

WellaHealth launched its malaria testing service earlier this year.  Patients experiencing potentially malarial symptoms access WellaHealth’s service via its website, Whatsapp, Twitter, SMS or Facebook, enter their symptoms, and request a rapid malaria test.  The platform directs them to the nearest available pharmacy, and notifies the pharmacy which will be waiting to perform a malaria test and confirm a diagnosis within 15 minutes.

The startup aims to ensure every Nigerian has access to malaria testing and care within 10 minutes travel of their location.

The partnership with Advantage Health Africa sees the chain’s 700 pharmacies join the network of WellaHealth malaria rapid testing providers; taking the total number of pharmacies in the network to over 1,000.

“This landmark partnership brings us closer to our ultimate goal of making quality routine health care more accessible for all Africans in convenient community locations,” says Dr Ikpeme Neto, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of WellaHealth.

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