Many small businesses take a casual “as needed” approach to employee training and development. This approach leads to a frustrating process of “re-inventing the wheel” every time new employees are brought into your organization. Companies that develop and implement training and development programs generally find they have greatly increased revenue per employee. In this article, tech investor Hiruy Amanuel and ecosystem builder Lindani Mkhize discuss some basic steps involved in establishing an employee training process for your company with a hands-on approach.

1. Determine Your Training Needs

You should perform a complete assessment of your training strategy. Determine what is currently used when training new hires or promoting existing employees. Gather together all guides, books, and other training materials that are used throughout your organization. Get feedback from department managers and existing employees to evaluate current training and to identify gaps in training that are not being addressed. Additionally, determine what training methods aren’t considered effective or useful by existing staff.

2. Plan Changes to Address Gaps and Redundancies

Your evaluation should help to identify areas where training is missing and usually, you will find many areas where additional training will be beneficial. You will then be required to prioritize which new training areas should be included, which should be removed, and how to structure training to ensure that high-priority items get sufficient attention. This part of the process requires high attention to detail…

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