Logidoo, a renowned transportation and trade facilitator, is set to revolutionise the logistics industry with a trio of ground-breaking advancements launching this April.

With the introduction of a new platform tailored for streamlined request management, Logidoo aims to offer enhanced visibility and control throughout the logistics process for customers, partners, and service providers. Simultaneously, the establishment of Logidoo Business Unit Sourcing will leverage its expertise and extensive network to identify the most reliable and suitable suppliers, ensuring clients obtain products and services they require at the best possible value.

Expanding its reach and connectivity, Logidoo has announced the introduction of new trade corridors, including routes from Tunisia and Turkey to key markets across Africa, such as Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mali, and Guinea.

Logidoo’s International Transport Business Unit is enhancing its offerings with various group departure options by road, air, and sea.

Tasmir Ousmane, CEO at Logidoo, highlighted the significant enhancements in the International Transport Business Unit. This includes daily road groupage departures from Dakar to Bamako at a rate of 1300 Francs per kg, weekly air groupage departures from Paris to Dakar at a rate of 11 euros per kg, and bi-weekly air groupage departures from Dakar to Abidjan and vice versa at a rate of 6000 Francs per kg, with a transit time of 2 to 3 days.

Additionally, Logidoo will offer bi-weekly maritime groupage departures from France to Senegal at a rate of 250,000 Francs per m3, including transportation and customs clearance.

“These initiatives are stepping stones to Logidoo’s vision of innovation and customer satisfaction,” says Tasmir Ousmane, CEO at Logidoo. “We are dedicated to providing exceptional value and supporting our clients’ evolving needs.”

Content retrieved from: https://www.atlanticchronicles.com/logidoo-revolutionises-logistics-landscape-with-new-platform-sourcing-unit-and-expanded-trade-routes/.


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