Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Dec. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Qene Games, one of the top gaming studios in Africa, is excited to announce the launch of the Kinet Store, your one-stop shop for African games.

Major smart device app stores such as the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store don’t support merchant accounts from 19 countries in Africa. That’s not the only challenge that African game developers face, though.

Because of the low penetration of fintech in Africa, many game creators on the continent face difficulty selling their games. Kinet Store is seeking to provide a viable solution to the problem.

Kinet Store will appeal to all of Africa. The game store will allow creators in Africa to sell their digital games using Airtime, the most widely used currency throughout Africa. There will also be other convenient payment options offered for game creators to use. Kinet Store will allow gamers to pay via credit card, Airtime, and mobile money payment methods.

In addition to convenient payment methods, Kinet Store will provide game creators with premium tools for game development, which will help them create games more efficiently and faster than they have been before.

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