When working with diverse team members, individuals can’t help but reflect on the different circumstances that surround each colleague. These internal team dynamics encourage an innovative thought process as the members must compromise and work with one another throughout production.

The end result from all the back and forth is a more creatively fueled project that’s likely to appeal to a wider demographic. A recent phone call with Bereket Taffese, co-founder and CEO of Gebeya Media, helped illustrate this concept first-hand:

“While our studio HQ is based in Ethiopia, our team and clients are located around the world. Every day we work to incorporate the thoughts and concerns of so many backgrounds — race, age and cultural values. By bringing about such different viewpoints all under one roof for a project, we find an increase in innovative and creative ideas.”


Content retrieved from: https://www.entrepreneur.com/growing-a-business/how-a-diverse-team-brings-more-creativity-and-engagement-to/411480.


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