According to ETM Software COO and co-founder of refugee e-learning, Sosena Terefe, refugees and asylum seekers are in most cases highly skilled and have a lot to give to their host country. However, though they might be the best candidates for multiple different jobs, refugees still have to operate around numerous barriers put in their path that often prevents them from ever having an opportunity to exercise their skills. As Terefe puts it, when a refugee comes to a host country, their main goal is to move forward as quickly as possible to settle into their new life. The communities in which these refugees choose to live can significantly benefit from the extensive range of skills refugees hold. Through e-learning, refugees can have the chance to upskill prior to immigrating for better integration into such fields as healthcare, software development, or even engineering. ”We have plans this year to expand our e-learning programs to other countries outside of Africa such as Syria, Indonesia, and Armenia.” said Sosena.

Sosena Terefe is a senior software developer with a focus on enterprise software and operating capabilities. She is also the COO and Co-founder of ETM Software based in Ethiopia. By applying her skills towards projects promoting social change, she aims to maximize her company’s global footprint giving visibility to those that are so often invisible.

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