“Organizations are crying out for access to the latest skills to complete the digital transformations that are so important at the moment,” Hiruy Amanuel, co-founder of software education and talent placement firm Gebeya says.  “There’s a real need for organizations to be flexible and agile with regards to accessing talent as and when they need it, and the new wave of online platforms are giving them the means to do that.”

Just as studies have highlighted the value on-demand cloud computing has provided in terms of affording organizations greater agility and resilience during the pandemic, so too are executives citing agility as a key factor in the shift to on-demand talent sourcing.

The paper highlights how executives are looking to improve the quality of innovation, speed-to-market, and general productivity by being able to tap into leading-edge talent as and when it’s required. Indeed, 60% said it was highly likely that they will have a smaller core workforce in the future, with on-demand talent augmenting this core according to specific needs.

Content retrieved from: https://www.forbes.com/sites/adigaskell/2021/01/05/the-rise-of-the-on-demand-workforce/?sh=5446f0e043cc.


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