Technology plays a significant role in the current generation. Almost everybody depends on the advancements developed over the past years. Whether it is software or hardware, people always rely on it. Regardless of the market price, a part of the population will always support it.  Hence, technology is one of the best investments both, for the consumer and the entrepreneurs.

Like other continents, Africa has been competing for such a long time, trying to enhance and innovate the technology sectors and ecosystems therein. Its people have always had innate talents for the type of refinement needed. However, personalities of great enthusiasm and potential in technology often move abroad for better opportunities.

Hiruy Amanuel, a committed philanthropist of this generation, African investment advisor and venture capitalist, has recently joined the ETM Software Team, which is considered as one of the leading software firms in East Africa. After the company had introduced software products in the Ethiopian market, it pivoted towards iOS development laying the groundwork for innovation and expansion of its existing services.

The company had been working with Hiruy Amanuel’s ed-tech company Gebeya Inc on client projects and learned of their investment in early 2020. ETM Software partnered with him as its new strategic advisor for such reasons. His exceptional experience in the sector makes him a great fit as an investment advisor.

In 2013, Hiruy co founded an investment firm, A.J Ventures. The firm then completed its first successful investment in Meta in 2015, a technology company that eventually created a huge impact on developing a substantial product in the augmented reality space.

Hiruy Amanuel’s vision is to provide opportunities in East Africa through capacity building for young entrepreneurs. For him, it is not the potential that the African community lacks but proper execution and integration of skill sets along with core competencies.

While battling with an above-average unemployment rate and an unstable economy, the notable investor positively roots for Africa as a whole. He understands and recognizes the need for mentorship and the potential of the continent as a whole. This is what drove Hiruy to create his own accelerator; a way to fund developing businesses, products and African entrepreneurs.

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