WellaHealth Expands its Healthcare Services with the Launch of WellaHealth 2.0

The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the need for and importance of virtual services. Everything from shopping, to work and even medical services shifted to the digital space. With increasing digital adoption globally and in Africa specifically, telemedicine services are becoming even more essential to the well-being of those who would normally not have access to good quality care due to expense. With their accessibility, healthtech innovations have the potential to pull Nigeria’s abysmal healthcare system into the 21st century because they make premium medical care available to anyone with a digital device.

One such essential healthtech startup is WellaHealth which provides healthcare services by leveraging technology and collaborating with local pharmacies and other healthcare providers to make healthcare coverage available, starting at a price as low as N600 a month.

Launched in 2017 by Dr Ikpeme Neto, WellaHealth is a health-tech startup that provides affordable and accessible high-quality coverage for healthcare. They partner with healthcare providers and insurance suppliers to provide financing and cut down costs for people seeking medical care. WellaHealth helps users cut down on in-person hospital visits for common diseases and in so doing helps cut down on extensive queues and hospital wait time, while also reducing the cost for tests and medication.

WellaHealth has grown exponentially since its launch and the startup is excited to announce WellaHealth 2.0– a new and refreshed service offering for its consumers. Taking the lessons they’ve learnt since launching their affordable health plans over 3 years ago, this latest iteration will incorporate a number of new services and experiences and an improvement on previously existing services.

Content retrieved from: https://techcabal.com/2022/05/02/wellahealth-expands-its-healthcare-services-with-the-launch-of-wellahealth-2-0/.


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