It’s not news that providing healthcare in Africa is problematic. Even though standards vary from country to country, African healthcare often faces similar issues: not enough funding, too few doctors and low accessibility to health services.

However, the fight against poor healthcare in Africa is not so simple. Despite widespread poverty in Africa, 50 per cent of the continent’s healthcare expenses are paid out of pocket by individuals. Nigeria is no exception, as around 72 per cent of healthcare expenses come from people’s pockets.

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s reliance on its diaspora community is growing. Remittances from this demographic have helped pad up the country’s dwindling foreign reserves in the last eight years. But not enough of these remittances go to healthcare. A 2018 study showed that only 13 per cent of remittances were spent on health-related expenses. So it’s about time someone leveraged this community to improve local access to quality healthcare.

These facts explain why WellaHealth, one of Nigeria’s leading health-tech startups, is starting the Healthsend Africa brand, a business within Wellahealth to help Nigerians in the diaspora #SendGoodHealthHome – a hashtag campaign to introduce the product to the world while selling the core idea of the product. By leveraging the financial resources and goodwill of the diaspora community, WellaHealth seeks to bridge the gap between Nigerians living abroad and healthcare services in their home country. Its plan is simple: help Nigerians in the diaspora pay for healthcare for their loved ones back home.

WellaHealth is helping Nigerians in diaspora take care of their loved ones

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