Ikpeme Neto is the CEO and Founder of WellaHealth in Nigeria. He’s carried this healthtech startup through a major pivot from pharmacy automation to low-cost, tech-enabled health financing. In today’s conversation, Ikpeme shares the many entrepreneurial experiments he ran in his early career – before he decided to scrap his entire team and start afresh. He recalls the moment when he decided to risk it all by giving up a comfortable life in New Zealand to come home to Nigeria and make a bet on a new startup. Finally he shares what he learned, and how he learned it, about the market for healthcare in Nigeria, and the role technology can play to bring healthcare financing to the next billion.

WellaHealth is an early-stage tech startup that lowers the barriers to access affordable micro-insurance health products. In 2021, WellaHealth successfully raised a seed round of investment, supported 1,500 pharmacies, served over 40,000 people, and grew revenue by 10X compared to the previous year.

Healthcare Financing for the Next Billion with Ikpeme Neto of WellaHealth (Nigeria)

Content retrieved from: https://aidevolved.com/podcast/ikpeme-neto/.


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