Wellahealth is a Nigerian health tech startup that was piloted in 2015. We started out providing tech engaged solutions to help pharmacies manage their patients and track inventory. There was a trend in drugs being dispensed by our partners around Nigeria and we went on a deep dive to develop a product that would help reduce out-of-pocket expenses for individuals. Through our micro health plans, patients have access to quality healthcare service at the nearest community pharmacies, anywhere in Nigeria.

What products or solutions has Wellahealth launched to accomplish these goals?

We have a variety of products and some more that we plan on launching soon. We have the Wellahealth micro-insurance plans where users can get coverage for common illnesses such as malaria, typhoid, and others, starting from N450 monthly.

Leveraging our network of pharmacies, we partner with HMOs in Nigeria to fulfil drugs for their enrolees at the nearest pharmacies anywhere they are in Nigeria. On top of these are our telemedicine services available to all Nigerians.

Content retrieved from: https://pharmanewsonline.com/wellahealth-revolutionising-access-to-quality-and-affordable-medicines-dichaine/.


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