Qene Games, in partnership with Ethio telecom, will make high-quality mobile games available to the Ethiopian market.

Qene Games is the first game development studio in Ethiopia. The creator of Kukulu, Gebeta, and Feta mobile games, Qene won the best entertainment app and best app of the year at the Apps Africa Awards for its first two games. These African-inspired mobile games are fun, engaging, and give players a uniquely authentic experience through their African artistic styles, music and characters.

The partnership between Qene Games and Ethio telecom will be a prominent achievement for the Ethiopian gaming sector. The partnership ultimately aims to solve the gaming sector’s primary challenge – payment options. Using Ethio telecom’s fintech solutions, Qene will make its games available through various models, including subscriptions and in-app purchases.

Content retrieved from: https://shega.co/post/qene-games-partners-with-ethio-telecom-to-make-high-quality-mobile-games-available-to-the-ethiopian-market/.


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